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Seamer Down Now was invented by my brother, Daniel Paul Bennett.  This Revolutionary Tool aids the installer to cool the carpet seam faster and yet with more control. 

Now, carpet installers don't have to wait for the seam to cool.   They seam up the carpet and use the Seamer Down Now - vacuum board - behind their seaming iron and the carpet seam gets set and cooled super fast.  Once the carpet is seamed together, the installer can power stretch the carpet in less then 1 minute after completing the seam.  


As we know in the carpet industry, carpet at times gets delivered to the job site and has a bow, has been unevenly sheared, or has a skew in the pattern.  Now, the installer can manipulate the carpet with more control during the seaming process.


We receive many wonderful stories from carpet installers throughout Northern America that have shared how the Seamer Down Now has changed their business installing carpet.  The Seamer Down Now adds superior quality control to seaming carpet and adds efficiency installing all types of carpets.

This Revolutionary Tool can be purchased from your local flooring distributor.

Miriam Franzen Canada, Owner




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